Our Story

The birth of Pure&True coincided with the birth of my son, Ethan.

Before and during my pregnancy, I was involved in the research and development of the first LEED-certified home in Hawaii, located on the island of Maui. This innovative green building project taught me a great deal about ways to limit our environmental footprint.

Green building also aims to limit our exposure to toxic chemicals, and through my research, I learned about the toxic chemicals that are commonly found in our households. In my desire to keep my body as pure as possible for the sake of the new life that I was nurturing within me, I began to research the ingredients contained in cosmetics. I was shocked to learn of the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in many of our cosmetic and personal care products. I then began a search for pure and effective products, especially those that felt luxurious, only to find that they were almost nonexistent.

The limited results of my search led me to the conception of Pure&True and the development of a skincare line with all the qualities I was looking for – a results-driven, luxurious, organic skincare collection, made with the finest natural ingredients. I then infused it with my passion for nature, and health and beauty inside and out. From the outset, I wanted Pure&True to mirror my passion for living sustainably. In doing so, I hope to give people who are equally passionate about our environment a better option for consumption.

I believe that true beauty comes from within. Beauty is exhibited by our actions and how we interact with the world that we live in. As a cosmetic company, I believe that Pure&True should be a vehicle for making a difference in the world – through the products it creates and the support it lends to environmental and social causes. This is the vision that sparked the birth of the company and I look forward to developing this vision as the company grows.

I hope that you enjoy your experience with Pure&True.

Michelle Garcia, Founder & President