Mini-Facial Kits, Normal to Dry

Size: travel size
Mini-Facial Kits, Normal to Dry


Our mini-facial kit contains every Pure&True product you need to achieve gorgeous skin from the inside out. Begin by treating yourself to a pampering facial treatment. These small sizes are also perfect for travel. Designed for Normal to Dry Skin, rich, hydrating, and active ingredients nurture the skin, prevent the appearance of dullness, and provide comfort during winter months.


ENRICH Deep-Sea Hydrating Cleanser 0.5 oz.
BALANCE Aromatic Antioxidant Toner 0.5 oz.
GLOW Intensive C Rejuvenating Serum 0.25 oz.
INFUSE Nourishing Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer 0.25 oz.
AWAKEN Marine Minerals Hydrating Masque and Scrub 0.25 oz.
REFUGE Rooibos, Rose, and Pomegranate Hydrating Masque 0.25 oz.